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One of the main requested changes was targeting - instead of local, this we had to change the targeting to Australia wide (with a small exceptions).
We prepared a detailed keyword research using Google Keyword Planner, which helped us to estimate an overall monthly budget and identify keywords related to our niche.
We created 7 search campaigns to cover all the most important Australian cities, implemented Google Tag Manager which helped us with setting up all the necessary conversions we wanted to track.
When the above steps have been completed, we created user engaging ads, set up ad scheduling, demographics targeting and prepared separate negative keywords list for all campaigns, and one common for all campaigns to exclude branding keywords.

Initial results

Initial results have been pretty far from expectations. It always take around 5 days for the algorithm to complete "learning mode", but after 14 days we have not observed anything spectacular. We started optimise landing pages and work on improving quality score to lower CPC, simultaniously we kept on adding new negative keywords and refine targeting. Conversion rate slowly started to crawl up. After 3 weeks it was around 3% which is way, way below what was our goal.

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