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We started with a detailed keyword research and audit of the website. Keyword research and initial competitors analysis  revealed what we already expected - tools and welding equipment is a highly competitive niche and SERPS are dominated by well established e-commerce stores such as Total Tools, Sydney Tools or Bunnings. 
Definitely this looked already as very challenging project.
After few technical improvements (Maropost does not allow for any indepth coding changes), we selected a number of relevant keywords and started on-page optimisation.

After detailed research we decided to focus on some of the category pages - keywords with high search volumes and their variations which would guarantee us good traffic.
At the same time we started creating new content for selected pages and commenced link building.

Results after 1 year

We started in March 2020 with 5-25 visitors per day (216 total for entire month) and 314 sessions coming from organic search. These numbers grew to 1401 users and 1684 sessions in March 2021 which is 548% and 426% increase respectively!

Results after 2 years

After 2 years since we started the traffic was still consistently growing and in March 2022 Welding Superstore's website was visited by 55 to 88 daily! During entire month organic traffic reached 1752 users (25% increase when compared to March 2021) and 2129 sessions (26.4 % increase).

Keyword rankings

Keywords selection was focused on two aspects - general keywords related to welding supplies and location and product categories. Welding boots, welding torches or auto-darkening welding helmets are only few of the targeted categories we picked.
After one year only two keywords - welding helmets and welding boots were ranked outside of top 10. All remaining 18 have been ranked in top5!
After 1,5 years all the keywords have been ranked in top10 - welding helmets reached position 4 and welding boots reached top of the rankings.
It is worth noting that - some of the keywords have over 5000 searches per month.

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