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UYou came to the right place! Our team of PPC Managers is here to help. Whether you need your existing campaigns optimised or want us to create a brand new account, we'll ensure it performs at its best, delivering top-quality leads for your business. Our track record speaks for itself. In our best-performing non-branded campaign, focusing solely on inquiries like phone calls and website inquiries, we achieved an outstanding 34% conversion rate! And that's not all—our most recent setup for National Property Valuers boasts an impressive 24% average conversion rate across all campaigns in the account. You might find these numbers incredible, but they're real. The industry average for a search campaign is around 6%, so our results truly stand out. When it comes to generating leads, we know how to get exceptional outcomes that can elevate your business to new heights.

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Certified Google Ads Managers based in Perth

At Pitch Black all our Google Ads managers have necessary Google Certifications. Currently we are certified in: Google Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads and Google Analytics. Certifications are definitely important as Google Ads is constantly evolving and changing on a daily basis. It's not that easy to follow all the new features and changes and certifications, which have to be passed once a year can be some kind of guarantee that we are on the top of all the changes Google make.

Moreover we are Perth based which gives use some competitive edge for local campaigns - we know your competitors and we know the specifics of Perth's market.

Campaign types to suit your marketing goal

Depending on the specifics of your business and your marketing goal you can choose between multiple types of campaigns - search, display, shopping or Youtube to name a few. Each type is different, and might serve different purpose, also the setup differs a lot.

Search campaigns are focus on serving text ads, so clear and engaging copy is the key. Shopping campaigns serve product related image ads - they need a feed with products and separate Google Merchant Center account to run.

How do you measure results?

We set up all necessary conversion actions: website enquiries, calls, product purchases etc. and we use it to measure how successful the campaign is, what is your ROI we use ale the data to further optimise your campaign. We try to establish who your perfect customers are and exclude all the audiences which do not bring you any sales or enquiries. We also set up easy to understand and visually oriented reporting for you to understand better how your Google Ads campaigns are performing.

Our process



Everything starts from getting acquainted with your business and understand your services, business goals better. Then we use Google Keyword Planner and Performance planner to give your some estimates about pricing and total monthly cost of your campaign.



Next we propose a campaign type, and set everything up in your Google Ads account, Google Analytics and Google Tag manager to properly track the performance which also helps us later to optimise your campaign.



During the campaign management we proactively change settings and adjust to recent marketing trends. We take part in your marketing plan and make sure that all sales, promotions or any marketing actions are being reflected on Google Ads As well.


National Property Valuers

So you have read all about strategy, what's involved and you would like to see where we can get you? Have a look at this project and the results we managed to get for this client.

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ROI driven Google Ads management

There are quite a few things to consider to effecively manage any type of Adwords campaign. When all is well -there is nothing to worry about, however the true skill is identify pitfalls, misconfiguration and work on continuous improvement.

Proper keyword selection, auditing search terms, optimising bid adjustments, choosing correct ad scheduling, adding new keywords to negative keyword lists are only basics. Some campaigns type, such as shopping for example might need working with your web developer to implement necessary elements or sometimes they will require us to do a market research to find out why are your products not selling. To put this all together you need years of experience.


Landing page optimisation

Results of your Google Ads campaigns are very closely related to landing page experience. We can offer split testing and landing page optimalisations to improve your conversion rates and maximise ROI.

We can also identify potential design or technical problems (not working forms, ux problems) and work with web developers to fix them.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Google Ads management cost in Perth?

This depends on complexity of your setup. Our management fees start from around $400 per month.

Can you reduce my budget & keep the results?

Yes we can. It's all about proper campaign optimisation.

Can you audit my Google Ads campaign?

Yes, absolutely! If you are wondering why your existing Google Ads campaign is not performing, please contact us.

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